Innovation in sustainable packaging

At the heart of our commitment to environmental sustainability, innovation in packaging represents a fundamental pillar. Our company adopts a pioneering approach, using elegant and fully recyclable mono-materials that not only respect the environment but also ensure refined aesthetics. The extensive adoption of post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR) allows us to conserve precious resources and reduce waste volume. Furthermore, with the introduction of our cutting-edge dispensers, we avoid the use of countless small plastic bottles, marking a significant step forward in waste and carbon emissions reduction. These choices are expressions of our commitment to responsible luxury that align perfectly with the needs of an increasingly conscious world.


Commitment to vegan and harmful ingredient-free cosmetics

Within our exclusive selection of cosmetic products, the purity of the formulas is of paramount importance. We create products that not only pamper the skin with their gentleness and effectiveness but also rigorously respect the environment. Each formula is carefully balanced to maintain a neutral pH and embraces the vegan philosophy. Through our Responsible Sourcing Policy, we gradually remove substances of questionable safety such as parabens and silicones, ensuring safe and uncontaminated cosmetics. The policy incorporates a list of prohibited ingredients in our production processes, consolidating our commitment to environmentally and consumer health-friendly development methodologies.

Ours is a dedication to an increasingly sustainable luxury, for an increasingly attentive world.

Sustainability policies and certifications

Our sustainability policies, meticulously reviewed every year, reflect an unwavering commitment to environmental and social excellence. We continue to surpass standard sustainability regulations with actions such as the removal of microplastics and the use of RSPO-certified raw materials. Additionally, we are pioneers in the use of Fairtrade ingredients in our FAIR CosmEthics line, a choice that demonstrates our leadership role in the hospitality sector. This commitment not only strengthens our reputation for responsible luxury but also fosters a bond of trust and respect with our conscious customers.


Ensuring safety and high performance

Safety and performance excellence are at the core of our production philosophy. Every product undergoes a rigorous testing process, including microbiological analysis, physico-chemical stability tests, and external safety evaluations. We are committed to not conducting animal testing in any of our global operations, a principle that respects animal welfare and ensures peace of mind for our customers. This rigorous quality control ensures that each product not only meets but exceeds our customers' expectations, guaranteeing a safe and impeccable luxury hotel experience.