Innovation for impeccable hospitality

Certified by the independent Rhine-Waal Institute in Germany, our SmartCare system with patented membrane technology and secure closure ensures impeccable hygiene, without spillage, retroactive contamination or wear effects. Designed to be completely recyclable thanks to the advanced single-material version, this dispenser system represents a sustainable and innovative solution. 
SmartCare offers hoteliers significant advantages over the use of traditional bottles, in fact it guarantees up to 75% material savings and up to 50% liquid savings.
The minimalist design of this state-of-the-art holder ensures tamper and burglar proof installation, quick bottle replacement in seconds and easy cleaning and maintenance.

Discover a new standard of efficiency and hygiene with SmartCare, and turn hospitality into a flawless and sustainable experience.

Brands of excellence with SmartCare

Discover the brands of Albatros where you can find dispensers with SmartCare technology. These brands offer solutions that guarantee impeccable hygiene and stand out for cutting-edge design, transforming the guest experience with superior style and functionality.