Press + Wash

Press + Wash

Revolutionize hospitality with the Press + Wash System

In 1990, we introduced our Press + Wash system, radically transforming the hotel amenities industry. This iconic solution is designed to deliver a flawless user experience, combining simplicity and efficiency thanks to patented valve technology that guarantees precise and clean dosages. Its continued popularity among our customers and their guests globally testifies to the quality and reliability of the system.
The Press + Wash system has been developed with a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. Each dispenser is made entirely of recycled PET and designed to be fully recyclable. The mono-material design of the anti-drip bottle allows a complete use of the contents, avoiding waste and ensuring a considerable saving of liquids compared to traditional formats. 

By choosing the Press + Wash system, you embrace an eco-friendly solution without compromising on elegance and effectiveness.

Our exclusive Brand selection with Press + Wash Dispensers

Discover the excellence of the Press + Wash system with Albatros. Our exclusive selection of brands offers eco-friendly dispensers, made from recycled materials and designed to ensure clean and accurate dosages. Explore our brands and find the perfect solution to transform your guest’s experience.