Transform hospitality with an innovative system

SHAPE’s revolutionary hygienic pump prevents retrograde contamination, ensuring a precise and effortless dispensing, which can be activated with a simple touch. With cutting-edge design and bold, modern aesthetics, SHAPE integrates seamlessly into the bathrooms of hotels around the world, offering an elegant and functional solution for your guests.
The distinctive features of SHAPE: Sustainability, Hygiene, Aesthetics, Innovative pump, Evolution of design.
SHAPE also features an invisible bracket system, designed for easy installation and to allow quick bottle replacement, significantly reducing the time required compared to traditional pump dispensers. The clean and efficient design further reduces the need for maintenance, offering material savings of up to 67% and a 50% reduction in liquid consumption compared to disposable plastic bottles.

SHAPE is a symbol of elegance and innovation, destined to transform your hospitality into a simple and refined experience.

Brands that embrace innovation Shape

Discover the brands of Albatros that adopt the Shape solution to ensure hygiene, ease of use and a modern design. Our selection is carefully made to improve the experience of your guests, reducing waste and improving efficiency.